User Reputation

User-owned reputation via Soulbound NFTs
To allow dApps to gather unbiased information, it is important for the entire Curator ecosystem that the quality of the contributions and reviews is safeguarded. Decentralised reputation scoring plays a crucial role in this. This will help dApps built on Curator to eliminate spam, faulty, and low-quality contributions.
When a new user joins, they automatically start with a neutral reputation score and gain or lose reputation in different expertises or verticals by participating in a dApp. Reputation scores are saved in a personalised Soulbound NFT.

User Reputation Building

Reviewer Status

Users can obtain a more specialised status (i.e., Reviewer). To achieve this, they need to make a certain number of qualitative contributions that got accepted by one or multiple other users.

Gaining or Losing Reputation

A built-up reputation score can tumble back down in case the user delivers bad data input. The impact of a rejected contribution will be higher compared to the impact of an accepted one (fault tolerance).
This leads to downward pressure on the user's reputation score. Users with a low reputation score will eventually be ignored by the dApp.