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The Curator lingo explained


Decentralised Applications built on top of Web 3.0 technologies. In the context of Curator, a dApp is an application using the Curator engine and its underlying smart contracts.

Curator engine

The Hugs Web 3.0 technology, allowing the easy creation of dApps for the collaborative economy. These dApps are based on predictive interactions of their users.


Users making contributions. They are rewarded with reputation (saved in a Soulbound NFT), $HUGS tokens, and potentially secondary rewards.


Users evaluating contributions to assure the data quality.


Businesses or individuals who build dApps on the Curator engine.


The $HUGS token is the native utility token used in the Curator ecosystem and the Curator infrastructure.


A non-fungible token is a token that represents ownership of a digital good. In the case of Curator, NFTs are used to represent the on-chain reputation of users, applications, and clients.

Smart Contracts

Code running on the blockchain. Once deployed, its business logic is transparent and cannot be changed.

Web 3.0

The movement towards a more decentralised internet where applications use blockchain technology to give users more control over their actions and data instead of relying on centralised technology companies.