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HugBunters - Find Errors

Open browser plug-in to report errors on websites
HugBunters was the app it all started with for Hugs. Twelve internal test versions have been built of this app, and out of it came the Curator engine, a multi-app solution built around the same four principles:
  1. 1.
    Contribute - continuously gather data from the crowd
  2. 2.
    Review - let the crowd do quality control by using game theory
  3. 3.
    Register - notarise contributions in the blockchain
  4. 4.
    Reward - users earn crypto, NFTs, and on-chain reputation
A closed Alpha version of HubBunters is scheduled to go live in Q2 2023, alongside two other test apps. Below is a brief overview of what the HugBunters app will look like.

The HugBunters App

Visitors of the app can browse through the reported issues without authenticating. The app will also have leaderboards, showing the quality of certain websites within their niche. Users who wish to participate in the project, by submitting or reviewing issues, can authenticate with their Web3 wallet (in the beginning only MetaMask will be supported).
The HugBunters main page shows a ledger of the latest issues reported
The main page will be a continuously updated ledger, showing the latest issues that have been reported on websites. Site owners can always request a new review after the issue has been solved on their website. The community can then verify whether the issue was resolved or not.
The HugBunters browser plugin
Issues on websites (any website) can be reported by using a browser extension. At first, this will be a Chrome extension (which will also work in the Brave browser), later on, extensions for more browsers will be added, as well as a website plugin, so website owners can integrate the tool into their website, enabling it for all visitors of their site.
Using the tool is simple. When a user sees an issue on a website they're visiting, they can click on the browser extension next to their address bar, click on the issue on the page next and the above pop-up (left) will appear. The user can choose a category for the issue and leave a comment. This data, including the URL and the timestamp, is registered on Curator and notarised in the blockchain.
Weekly HugBunters competitions for the Curator users
HugBunters will also organise competitions in which users can participate (see above). A price pool and additional rewards such as NFTs can be won then.
Leaderboards for websites in various categories will be available in the HugBunters tool
When gathered enough data on a certain website, it will receive a quality score and be placed on a leaderboard. Visitors of the HugBunters website will be able to query these leaderboards and get an idea of the quality of each listed website.
User dashboard for the HugBunters app
Each user of the HugBunters app will have a personal dashboard, which will load when the user connects their wallet. On the dashboard, the user can also see review requests and the remaining time to participate in the review process.
Graphs and statistics on the user's dashboard
The user dashboard will also provide lots of information such as graphs, historical data, links to previous contributions and reviews, reputation and crypto rewards accumulated, etc.