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EARN - Staking Overview

Community project to gather info about crypto-staking
The EARN project is one of our internal apps, which we used for testing our multi-app data curation platform. We decided to go public with a number of these apps, with EARN as the very first app built on the Curator engine to see the light.
The closed Alpha of EARN is scheduled to go live in Q2 2023. Below is a sneak peek of what it will look like. The EARN app is built on the four pillars of the Curator infrastructure:
  1. 1.
    Contribute - continuously gather data from the crowd
  2. 2.
    Review - let the crowd do quality control by using game theory
  3. 3.
    Register - notarise contributions in the blockchain
  4. 4.
    Reward - users earn crypto, NFTs, and on-chain reputation

The EARN App

Visitors of the app can freely query data without authenticating. Users who wish to participate in the project can authenticate by connecting their wallet.
Once connected they can add new staking opportunities they found on the internet, update staking opportunities older than 24 hours, or review contributions from other users.
The EARN App - Staking opportunities per coin
The EARN App - Staking opportunities per coin
The main overview (above) is a listing per coin. When clicking on a coin that has staking opportunities, the various platforms where this coin can be staked will show. Visitors can then simply click through to the platform offering the staking for this coin.
But also an overview per platform (below) will be possible, so users can see which coins can be staked on a certain app or platform.
EARN App - Staking Opportunities per platform
EARN App - Staking Opportunities per platform
Users can connect/authenticate using their MetaMask wallet. Once connected the user can access their Dashboard (see below), which will give them an overview of their profile, some stats and tasks they can execute in return for rewards.
A user can earn $HUGS tokens by adding new staking opportunities to the platform, updating existing entries, or reviewing submissions from other users. Next to $HUGS tokens, users can also build up on-chain reputation, which will be visible in a unique soulbound (non-tradable) NFT.
The user dashboard in the EARN App
The dashboard also provides various statistics about the number of contributions (submissions) and reviews done.
EARN user dashboard graphs and statistics overview
In their dashboard, users are asked to review contributions from other users. When accepting the task, a couple of simple questions need to be answered. These reviews are only sent to a limited and randomised set of users. Answers are algorithmically compared to each other and honest answers will be rewarded with more $HUGS tokens and soulbound reputation.
The EARN user-driven review process
New staking opportunities can also be easily added to the platform by simply clicking a button and filling out a short questionnaire. Once submitted the new staking opportunity is sent to a randomised set of other users for review, and when accepted it is published in the app for everyone to consult. The user who made the submission is then rewarded with some $HUGS tokens and on-chain reputation.
Adding new staking opportunities to the EARN app