Client Reputation

Reputation building on both ends of the spectrum

What is a client?

A client is a user who asks for a specific task to be executed by users from the crowd. This can be the creator of the dApp, but Curator also allows a multi-tier client approach, where multiple users can post tasks in a dApp.
It is up to the dApp builder to decide how this will be integrated into the application. Optionally, clients can do a final check on accepted contributions and can ask for additional reviews of a contribution when faulty acceptance is suspected.

Reputation Scores for Clients

Clients also receive a reputation score to avoid them trying to game the system. An example of gaming the system as a client could be: rejecting issues and continuously asking for additional reviews on purpose in order to save costs.

Rejection Loopback

Rejected issues by clients are always checked by reviewers. The outcome of these checks has an impact on the reputation score of the user as a client in the specific dApp, but it can also reflect back on the reputation score of the initial contributor and previous reviewers.