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Why now?

Our expectations of how we work are changing

Why now?

The rise of the Millennial and Gen Z generations has brought about significant changes in the world of work. These younger generations have different expectations and priorities when it comes to their careers, causing a shift in how we think about work.

Increasing demand for flexibility

One of the key changes is the increasing demand for flexibility. 70% of Millennials and 80% of Gen Z workers want:
  • The ability to work from anywhere
  • Work in flexible roles
  • Be involved in multiple projects
  • Choose their own work hours
  • Take time off when needed
This mindset led to the rise of remote work and the gig economy, where workers are able to pick and choose the projects they work on.

Multiple career changes

Another major shift is the desire for multiple career paths. Gone are the days when people would stay in the same job for their entire careers. Today's younger workers want to be able to:
  • Switch between careers
  • Try out different industries
  • Pursue multiple passions
This creates a need for a more fluid approach to work, where people are not tied down to one particular job or industry.

Personal involvement

In addition, Millennials and Gen Z workers want to work on projects that align with their interests and values. They want to feel like their work has meaning and has a positive impact on the world, which leads to a greater emphasis on purpose-driven work, where people are able to use their skills and talents to make a difference.